Intro to art galleries in Hong Kong

For art galleries, I am spoiled to choices in Hong Kong.

A visit to the Pedder Building was like an intro to contemporary art around the world. This Saturday Gagosian was as busy as usual – its international reputation couldn't be ignored. But the crowd was drawn mainly for current exhibition: Takashi Murakami's Change the Rule! Continue reading Intro to art galleries in Hong Kong

An Authentic Traveller?

Authenticity in tourism is a questionable concept.

Two ways to examine the degree of authenticity within your experiences might be,

‘Are there any locals there, or is it just for tourists? – other tourists make it less authentic.’

I was hitch-hiking/couchsurfing/fucking a local.’ 

My own experience actually gives me more thoughts on authenticity. Continue reading An Authentic Traveller?

[Academic Travel] Smoggy Beijing, Clogged Peking

Imagine learning Chinese (中文) here!


No one cares about the academic conference actually. No one! Even my advisor who also attends this conference shows more concern about tourist attractions in Beijing than presentation, I can tell…

Beijing itself does not sound like an attractive travel destination, though it might be for people with strong interest in peeling back the layers of history or investors ready for an adventure. I am in Beijing only because I need to do presentation in a linguistics conference which happens to be held in Beijing. Continue reading [Academic Travel] Smoggy Beijing, Clogged Peking

Hello Canberra!


24310681783_30025d97ff_oThough Sydney is not the final destination. Its beautiful coastlines are worth mentioning. Sunshine, a spectrum of dark and light aqua colors have already got me in the holiday mood! The transfer from international to domestic airport is smooth thanks to my uncle. I take a Qantas small plane flying to Canberra, where ANU is located.

Continue reading Hello Canberra!

Farewell to Taipei: a feeling of nostalgia

Almost after midnight, I walk along Shida Road before reaching the entry stairs leading to the flat. Most shops are about to get closed at 11 and a few are dimly lit, with the staff ready to pull down the rolling grilles.

There is the noise of traffic and if earlier, Fur Elise can be heard from garbage trucks, beckoning citizens outside. The sight and smell are tempting, but I am too used to notice their existence. Continue reading Farewell to Taipei: a feeling of nostalgia

Why should a dentist-visitor feel blessed in Taiwan?

Seeing a dentist is not a pleasant experience, and dental charges cause even more severe suffering. Yet the Taiwanese has long been oblivious of taking dental care as a luxury. 

My teeth had been getting along with me since the last routine teeth cleansing. Unfortunately, the third wisdom tooth was coming in sideways: I need to get it removed soon; my front teeth would become crooked otherwise.

The tooth removal process is one of the most torturous periods in life, during which I have weird proximity to the hands of a middle-aged guy, rubber smell coming from his medical gloves and clinking sounds altogether make this feel like a century long experience. The charges? NT$ 100 (USD 3.3), including three-day prescribed antibiotics and NSAID. Continue reading Why should a dentist-visitor feel blessed in Taiwan?

Nice to see you again!

This early Sep. trip has made me realize my growing connection to Hong Kong. Technical devices help me record some of the colorful moments.

I visit Hong Kong a lot, due to my father side’s connection to this wonderful place. Every time I go there, I enjoy going over these must-dos on my list since childhood:

  • try to recite the flight safety instruction before the broadcasting
  • keep the unused plastic utensils for no reason
  • use phone timer to calculate how much time the Airport Express takes me to downtown HK (so to test the claimed 24 min!)
  • check if the reception desk staff at the Wharney Guang Dong Hotel look familiar- my family always stays with this hotel for its vicinity to my grandparents’ home

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